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Who should be the next Wolverine? The X-Men: Dark Phoenix cast share their picks

Chief Simon Kinberg, maker Hutch Parker and the cast of X-Men: Dark Phoenix has uncovered who they need to play a youthful Wolverine in the establishment now that Hugh Jackman has resigned from the famous job. The present X-Men movies highlight more youthful variants of famous X-Men characters including Jean Gray, Cyclops, and Storm – so it's not out of the ordinary that fans aren't excessively far from seeing a youthful emphasis of Wolverine on screen. 
Addressing GamesRadar about who they would wear Logan's adamantium paws straightaway, the cast uncovered their fantasy throwing thoughts. 
"Indeed, I know they're somewhat a similar age, however, I think Keanu Reeves would be a decent Wolverine. I cherish me some Keanu Reeves," uncovered Sophie Turner, who stars as Jean Gray in the up and coming X-Men: Dark Phoenix. 
GamesRadar asked the star whether her better half, Joe Jonas, could be a potential Wolverine applicant. "He generally says that to me," Turner uncovered, "He resembles, 'I'd be an extraordinary youthful Wolverine,' I'm similar to, 'I'm not going to pitch you for this, that'd be so odd!'" 

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