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The Batman's new Bruce Wayne is confirmed as Robert Pattinson goes from vampire to bat

Sundown and The Lighthouse's Robert Pattinson will take over from Batfleck

Robert Pattinson is the new Batman. The entertainer, who entered the spotlight as Twilight's vampire heartthrob Edward Cullen, has been picked by Warner Bros. to be the by wearing the cowl in the twin job of the caped crusader and tycoon playboy Bruce Wayne, concurring Deadline. Pattinson apparently pushed out Nicholas Hoult (who you may know as Beast in the X-Men films) in screen tests for the job, winning the endorsement of chief Matt Reeves for the featuring job in The Batman. It's right now wanted to hit theaters 2021 within any event another two movies to pursue. 
Ongoing reports had effectively set Pattinson as the leader for the job, and it sounds like the arrangement is done everything except for an open declaration from Warner Bros. In spite of the fact that Pattinson is assuming control over the job from Ben Affleck, Deadline's report says The Batman will "not the slightest bit" carry on from Batman Vs. Superman or Justice League. Rather it will pursue Bruce Wayne in the "developmental stages" of Batman. 
He'll generally be our Edward, yet Pattinson's true to life skylines have extended a lot from the Twilight days. He co-featured in The Lighthouse, a blood and gore movie that got Total Film's gesture as the best film at Cannes 2019, after on from his "vocation best execution" in the 2017 wrongdoing spine chiller Good Time. 
In spite of the fact that we'll be returning to a more youthful Batman as we did in Batman Begins, it sounds like this new film won't begin moderate in presenting scoundrels. Chief Matt Reeves has prodded that "there will be a rebels exhibition" for our 30-something Caped Crusader to conflict with. The film's set to be "a point-of-see driven, noir Batman story" that stresses his abilities as an investigator, so there would do well to be at any rate a couple of sets of Venetian blinds for Bruce Wayne to scowl through. 
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