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An old video of SWAGG MAN reveals the source of his wealth !


Swagg Man is another of numerous hip bounce rappers who guarantee to be a multi mogul. Previous jail protects Rick Ross professed to be "rich off cocaine" while Swagg Man professes to be a multi mogul global land speculator owning royal residences, estates, homes, high-class apartments, and caf├ęs all around the globe. 

Conceived on December 23, 1988, Swagg Man appeared his YouTuber rapper profession in 2009 AFTER making a fortune purchasing and selling properties in Florida and Dubai. This implies that in the event that we trust his numerous profiles in French and English everywhere throughout the web. He would have officially made it at the exceptionally youthful age of 20 as a prominent land financial specialist??? It seems like an ace wrestling contrivance to me. 

Two inquiries to pose to yourself. 

Okay, purchase land from this man? 

Would an investor account this present person's venture? 

No and no. Truth be told, his look and frame of mind would be enormous debilitation in the traditionalist abnormal state business and account world. 

In this way in addition to turning into a major land playa before the age of 21. No chance! Not without a head begin from a rich and influent daddy. Extremely rich person land big shot and conservative Republican hopeful Donald Trump had his begin that way. His dad Fred Trump, a well-to-do New York city land engineer, instructed him all he knows and left him with a legacy of up to $75 Million. 

Will the Swagg Man exceeds expectations at this vicious game? 

At any rate, the Swagg Man appears to have some swag...

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